Carol founded Carol Lang Interiors to fill a hole in the residential design market. Coming from a commercial design background, she saw residential projects weren't treated with the same rigor and service-level that her commercial clients were accustomed to getting. Carol stepped in to become a trusted partner to lead discerning professional families through the construction and design process, execute decisions, and be their advocate with the building team.

We understand high-pressure careers, multi-generational family demands, and that you want to spend your vacation time on a beach, not overseeing a construction site. We provide a customized, thoughtful strategy to each project to make the most of your space and time to work within your project and life constraints.  With us by your side, you don't have to become an overnight design and renovation expert.

You'll know exactly what you're getting at every step of the process, because while surprises can be fun, they definitely aren't when it comes to your home! We'll visualize your space through:

  • 2D and 3D renderings

  • Elevations

  • Scaled floor plans

  • Sample materials

  • Detailed furniture, finish & accessory specifications

I'll help you understand your total project investment and timeline before we start so you can make confident and informed decisions at every step. As your trusted partner, my process is 100% transparent.


We work with a team of vetted fabricators and installers to translate your vision into a home you love. On your behalf, we'll navigate the inevitable bumps, communicate clearly, and solve problems creatively. 


When you're a busy family with a full personal + professional life, we know you need someone who can bring a high level of expertise to your design project and be a key part of your team. We are your trusted advisor to ensure your space reflects your family's personality, no costly mistakes are made, and the project runs smoothly. 

Our designs stand the test of time - never trendy, but always a reflection of our client's families and values. We'll get the download of what works your family and then present solutions that meet your needs perfectly. 

Our full-service projects take care of every detail in your space, from the initial planning and strategy to the furniture order and tracking and even the careful placement of each final accessory. We bring a high level of integrity to our work and our clients become our dear friends. 


If you are planning a large renovation or new construction project, we will work with you pre-construction to select all fixtures & finishes. 


This is a super efficient service and will save you costly errors once construction begins. Contractors are thrilled when you start a project with everything selected and ordered, and you'll move to the front of the queue.  This whole process takes about a 1-2 months and includes meetings and shopping trips. At the end, you’ll be ready to start construction and will become your contractor's favorite client.

Our team of experts work seamlessly with all trades to ensure your project is started successfully. Project management services are available as an add-on upon request and availability.