What is Working with a Professional Interior Designer Really Like?

When I tell people I meet that I'm an interior designer, their first impression is that it's a really fun job! And you know what, they're not wrong. I get to work with great people, build amazing spaces, and there's always something new to learn. That being said, there's a lot that happens behind the scenes to make the "Insta-worthy" pictures happen!

1. The Knowledge & Expertise of a Pro

When you hire me, you also hire my decades of expertise in construction management, knowledge of the pros and cons of various materials, access to trade-only resources, my ability to organize and manage contractors and figure out tricky spaces that may stump you. I am your biggest advocate and push to get materials delivered, keep your budget and schedule, and make the magic happen to pull it all together as a beautiful finished product.

2. Project Management from Start to Finish

As a full-service interior designer, I can help you with every aspect of your project. I spend hours sourcing the perfect pieces or finishes, can do all the purchasing, handle trade management and coordination, and spot potentially expensive mistakes before they are made.

3. Guidance in Smart Investments for the Long-Term

Interior design is a luxury service, but provides time and money savings (remember those expensive mistakes you're not making!), and the right designer will definitely reduce your stress level. Your designer is there to execute for you. Plus, you'll know you're investing in good quality pieces, that the scale and color are right, and that the layout works.

This work I do IS fun! But it's not just because I change homes, it's because I change lives and build friendships in the process. I love doing this work to see the smiles on clients' faces after a long renovation to know that there's no place they'd rather be and no place they feel more safe and comfortable than in their homes.

If you think your next project could benefit from an interior designer, let's get in touch.



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