How to Use Interior Design to Achieve Your New Year's Goals

Happy belated new year, friends! A month into 2022, how are you doing at keeping the intentions you set for your year so far? Good news - you might need less willpower than you think and more smart home design to help you achieve your goals!

Goal 1. Feeling Organized & In Control

You may be surprised, unless you're a good friend, to know that I am not a naturally organized person. I often joke that my systems have systems to keep me on track! I take advantage of every cheat in the book to keep my house functional and my days moving forward. I am a huge fan of built-ins, sneaky storage, and regular decluttering to keep all 5 of us from losing it!

When I design a home for a busy families like mine, my first direction is to leave the mess when I come to see it! If I don't know where your bottlenecks are, it's harder to solve. We walk through mudrooms, kitchens, entry foyers, and closets and more to see how your needs could be better met with furniture or built-in solutions. Even just finding out how tall your biggest boot is to go into your mudroom can be a game-changer and make the difference between everything having a place versus being strewn on the floor.

For kids, I'm a huge fan of hooks as they're easy to use and start good habits about putting backpacks and coats back in their place. In closets, do you like to fold or hang? In your kitchen, do you need a clean counter to function or do you prefer seeing items out (like small appliances, cutting boards, knives etc.). If you like to have a spot to tuck things, we'll design cabinets with power for appliances and add more pull-outs for storage for every item specifically.

Goal 2. More Daily Mindfulness

Even if you have all the best storage options in the world, some of it comes down to your mindset to take full advantage of your space and time so they work for you.

I love a beautiful space and a smart solution more than most, but also, give yourself grace when you're not in a place to keep things perfectly. We have systems in our house to help us out when the chaos of 2 busy adults and 3 kids starts to take over every inch and surface. Matt and I will often ask our kids each to put 10 things away, and with 5 of us, that's 50 things! There are, of course, nights when it feels like even 15 minutes of pick-up or 10 things are too much, and we give ourselves grace to drop dishes in the sink and deal with it the next day.

I've also found that keeping a paper planner in this digital world is one of life's simple pleasures. I love this planner system from Full Focus that I subscribe annually so I don't have to think about running out and it’s one less thing on my big to-do list! Sometimes just creating a workspace that feels safe, clean and organized will help you keep your systems going when you're being pulled in so many different directions.

Goal 3. Increase Physical Activity or Exercise

Since 2020, Matt and I have been walking more. I've had lots of clients who have added home gyms to their basements or guest rooms to accommodate a Peleton, free weights or a yoga mat. If you're focusing on your physical health in 2022, building out space where these activities can live in your home may be key. The right environment may be just what keeps you on-track and enjoying a routine, instead of dreading it!

Setting goals for the year is always a little intimidating, but don't forget, you don't have to go it alone. Home design is just one aspect that can help you stay on track, and professionals like me think about this all year round so you don't have to start from square one. In my experience, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for active families to stay organized, and each needs a custom approach to work with how their brains, rooms, and lives flow.

Also, don't make it all or nothing. Set tiered goals - the bare minimum, the goal, and really knocking it out of the park - in order to have something to celebrate every day and to work with the natural ebb and flow of work and family.

Need help designing a home that supports the way you want to live? That's what we do. Reach out and let's chat.



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