3 Family Friendly Materials for Homes Designed to Last

Updated: Feb 4

I am in a season of life that includes mud, dirt, chaos, and piles of shoes. Lots and lots of muddy shoes! Despite my best efforts, they wander into our front foyer and sometimes as far as our family room's wool rug and custom sectional. Yikes! I am here to tell you that it's ok. You can do this. We can manage the chaos together!

You deserve to live in a home that can keep up with your active family. Here are my favorite durable design options.

1. Durable Flooring Options

LVT Flooring in a luxury kitchen

Recently, I did a project for a family with two dogs, a cat, two kids, and two parents right by the beach. Sand, claws, and the normal wear and tear of an active family were our design constraints, and they wanted minimal maintenance. Not a problem!

We chose a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) for their entire first floor with a wood look. It is tough as nails and looks gorgeous. They'd done hardwood floors in the past, but they required way too much maintenance to stay in good condition. I never want clients to feel like their house is in control of them. They need to be able to live easily in their homes!

2. Performance Fabrics That Withstand Wear

Linen is gorgeous. However, linen isn't something I'm ever going to recommend to cover a sofa or chair for a client for an active family. Crypton or indoor/outdoor fabrics, on the other hand, open worlds of possibilities. Can you believe this sectional is the main living space for a family with 2 kids three and under and has been installed for a year of round-the-clock at home living? It's beautifully built to be durable and we used a performance fabric on it so it's worry-free.

You can get a linen look and even use lighter colors when you select the right performance fabrics for your furniture. Most custom manufacturers now offer a wide range of performance and indoor/outdoor fabrics in solids, textures and patterns. Just check that what it can do meets your project needs!

3. Low-Maintenance Countertops

Most clients are looking for kitchen countertops that can withstand anything their families can dish out. I typically recommend quartz or quartzite material as a solution. It's a manufactured product almost as hard as most granites, but you can get a wider variety of looks.

I don't typically recommend real marble for many families as it can pit, dimple, and chip. You have to know you're someone who can love, nurture and live with patina to be a marble counter lover.

4. Sound good to you?

You don't have to sacrifice the look of your home to have it hold up to your kids and pets. With smart material choices, you can live reasonably worry-free in your space, and I'll give you a maintenance plan to bounce back from any "oops" moments. I specialize in designing luxuriously comfortable spaces that hold up to your lifestyle.

I know where to get a sofa that can have the top cushions reinforced for your lounging pup, and I maintain a whole library of performance materials that give you the look you want with the performance you need.

If you're ready for a home that supports your everyday life (even when it gets messy), I would be honored to help. Reach out, and let's chat!



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